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9:30am-4:30pm (6 contact hours)

What you will learn:

. Ancient REIKI symbols, their meaning and use

. How to give REIKI from a distance to others

. Mind and Body Interconnection toward health

. Additional instruction for scanning the body

. Techniques to send REIKI energy with Symbols

. Hand placements for specific energy blocks

. How to build and maintain a REIKI practice for life


. REIKI II ATTUNEMENT to deliver a higher

level of energy healing

. REIKI II Certificate at class completion

When you complete REIKI II, you will use the ancient REIKI healing symbols from the Usui System of Natural Healing for yourself and for treatment of others. You will use specific hand placements along with the symbols to clear specific energy blocks. You can send Distant Reiki to people in need of healing from afar. REIKI healing energy will harmonize and balance your mind, body and spirit for a lifetime!